I felt compelled to write and express my sincere thanks to you in getting me through the state exam.

The knowledge, pace and information divulged was invaluable in me passing my state exam.

Every piece of information given was useful in my state exam. Some it made little sense in the class but when I sat down for that exam, it was invaluable. The other thing is the anecdotes and questions people asked. It really helped me learn. I enjoy the stories and that, again, I think really helps students learn and retain information.

I have an older daughter and she of course was teasing me about testing. We discussed your style at length and she and I both agree that a WILLING student with a great teacher is a great match for any exam.

The pace was the other really outstanding part of your teaching. I never once felt that we were going to get to the end of the book. You, of course, had a plan and we were given the important information and the excess was given less importance, again a reason I passed the state exam.

I was a little "tongue in cheek" regarding the cram class. Being a "know it all", I thought I didn't need it. I really felt that the cram was unnecessary and a duplicate of information. How wrong I was. I now know that if I had not taken the cram I would have failed the state exam. Hindsight is of course "twenty twenty", however, one should not make the mistake of foregoing the cram. I now realize the sixty three hours is an introduction to real estate; the cram is an introduction to the state exam requirements...a huge distiction.

I sincerely thank you for your teaching and wish you continued success for the future.


- David W


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