I want to thank all of you at the office for a terrific experience!

I didn’t make it to the prep class this weekend, as I was able to slide into Promissor last Thursday to sit for my exam and I passed! Mine was a bit of a whirlwind experience! I first decided to get my license on Aug 10th and came right down to your office that day and signed up for the class. I secured a job at a commercial firm on Aug 15th and started my class work on Aug 1st and completed it on the 24th I took the prep course over the weekend of Aug 27 & 28 and started my new job on Aug 29. I waited for my paperwork from the state and finally got my Promissor letter on Sept 18 and sat for my exam on the 29th in Carrolwood. Oh, and I moved to a new home over the Labor Day Weekend! Thank you, thank you to all of you, especially my instructor for the pre and the prep class and to whomever it is that speaks on the CD’s I purchased! I will see you all soon for my post licensing stuff!

- Kimberly C


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