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Snowbird Season is Upon Us!

It’s that time of year again when our beloved “Snow Birds” fly south for the winter and bestow their presence upon us for yet another season. As Floridian’s we are very appreciative that they have decided to come back to grace us with their presence.


Real estate sales are increasing, restaurants and retailers that experienced the financial summer drought are singing “happy days are here again” and our northern relatives are feverishly planning their holiday vacations to avoid the cold so they can bask in the sun on our lanais by the pool.


A little humor is a good thing, so I thought we would break tradition by not blogging about a real estate topic and add a little levity to your day.






1. Getting Stuck Behind The Snowbirds Is The Worst


People who move to Florida for the winter and adapt to the local culture are one thing. But Northerners who come to Florida to keep from freezing to death but bring their Northerner lifestyles and attitudes with them are the worst. Florida is a melting pot. Learn how to blend.


2. Never mind, Getting Stuck Behind Tourists Is Actually The Worst


It’s not that Florida doesn’t enjoy all the money they make off their tourism industry, but if you’re within 50 miles of a beach, don’t plan on getting anywhere fast. And if you’re within 50 miles of Disney, invest in tranquilizers!


3. Grocery Stores That Dare To Have A Name Other Than Publix


Because there is no greater culinary concoction on Earth than that of a Publix Sub!


4. Floridians Have Never Met A Hurricane They Can’t Party To


You know that song that goes, “here I am, rock you like a hurricane?” That was written by Florida. OK, it was actually written by The Scorpions. But it could have been written by Florida and that’s all that matters. Hurricane parties are a dime a dozen in the Sunshine State.


5. The Severe Hypothermic Conditions Of 70 Degree Weather


Believe it or not, it does get cold in Florida. Sometimes it gets so cold, Floridians even have to put on a jacket. It’s unbearable, really.


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