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Do It Yourself Home Projects that will make your home look and feel like a new one.

Boosting your home’s value doesn’t have to mean a complete remodel.


In fact, quite a few home improvement projects aren’t worth the effort if you’re hoping to quickly increase your home’s value.

However, there are plenty of do-it-yourself projects you can accomplish with a few weekends of hard work. And don’t let the letters D-I-Y scare you away from efforts toward increasing your home’s value. Successful DIY projects simply require thorough research and preparedness.

Here are a few DIY updates throughout your home that could increase its sale price.

Kitchen: Add adhesive backsplash tiles

You can find adhesive backsplash tiles in a variety of styles and colors. A DIY backsplash tile project is both easy to install and practically mess-free.

First, clean the walls with warm, soapy water. The tiles won’t stick as well if the wall surface is coated with grease or dirt.

Be sure to follow the exact instructions for the brand of adhesive tiles you’re working with. Generally, you’ll be instructed to install the tiles from left to right, completing the bottom row first.

If you’re working around any outlet plates, take them off. Be sure to leave a bit of space when placing the tiles around the edge of the outlet so you can get the wall plates back on again with ease. If you need to cut any tiles, a razor knife will take care of the job.

If you need to remove or reposition tiles, they will peel off with heat from a hair dryer.

feb blog 1Bedroom: Install crown molding

Enhance your bedroom’s style with nothing more than a few strips of wood. Installing crown molding may sound tough, but it actually doesn’t involve much more than picking up some molding (essentially, decorative strips of wood) from your local home improvement store, cutting it to size, and using a nail gun to attach it to the top of the wall.


Laundry room: Revamp and revitalize

Update your laundry room or closet by removing the builder-basic wire shelving and replacing it with more attractive wood shelving options or even cabinets.

Bonus idea: Add an expandable rod between shelves for added air-drying space.


feb blog 2Garage: Clean and paint the floor

If your home is a few years old, chances are the floor of your garage and driveway may have a few stains.

Try blotting the stains with newspaper to soak up excess oil, then use liquid dishwashing soap, hot water, and a scrub brush to tackle the rest. Once finished, pour some kitty litter on the remaining stained areas to absorb any extra residue.

After cleaning the floor, consider filling any concrete cracks you see, then apply a specially formulated garage floor paint, which will help protect against oil and mildew.
Bonus idea: Install shelving or racks. You can use a pallet to store and organize sporting equipment and a pegboard to hang items like folding ladders and gardening tools.


feb blog 3Yard: Upgrade landscaping

You don’t need to start a garden to impress potential buyers. Add some greenery along walkways and patch up any bald spots you see with fresh sod. Be sure to trim and maintain trees and bushes, too.


Bonus idea: Use colorful flowers when updating your landscaping, and choose plants with a long lifecycle. Water ponds and outdoor seating can add a lot to your backyard.

Other DIY quick fixes

•   Clean your gutters.
•   Power wash your sidewalks.
•   Paint the front door.
•   Change your light fixtures.
•   Update your window treatments.
•   Upgrade cabinet knobs and drawer handles.

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What is a Sponsoring Broker? Who are Sponsoring Brokers?

Companies like Coldwell Banker, Century 21, Keller Williams, Re/Max and others are national companies with locally owned franchises which will sponsor a new agent as a Sponsoring Broker.

As a new agent, you will have the opportunity to interview and talk with potential sponsoring real estate brokerage firms to see where you fit best as an individual with your business goals. Each firm will offer slightly different benefits to joining their firm. There are both pros and cons to going with each firm. National franchise firms might offer things that local firms do not and vice versa. With the internet leveling the playing field, it is my opinion that belonging to a large national franchise is not as important as it may have once been in decades past.

In the older days, prior to the internet MLS, it was probably very beneficial to have been a part of a large, national brokerage firm where you could easily network within your office to learn about new listings on the market for your clients. This also allowed an agent to easily spread the word about their new listings in hopes to attract the buyer client of another agent in your office. That all changed with the shift to the MLS online.

Agents are no longer required to be in huge offices in order to spread the word about their new listings or to find the newest listings available for their clients. The internet allows small firms to know of listings and promote listings just the same as an office with 500+ agents. In fact, some would argue that you have more opportunities at a smaller, local firm because of the attention you will receive from the lead Broker and managers. Your clients are likely to get better attention from smaller firms as well as the corporate structures of larger firms.

However, in an effort to be fair, there are things you will get with larger firms which you will not get with smaller firms. Larger, national franchises tend to advertise their brands through both radio and television advertisements. Large national brands will also usually have marketing materials available (for a cost) to their agents where the agent will not have to take the time to design their own marketing materials. On the flip side, most smaller firms do not have readily available marketing materials and this means that the agent will have to spend time and money designing their own promotional and marketing cards, brand, etc...

In addition, most national brands are well-known and clients. Consumers will most likely know of the large national brokerage brands with no explanation needed by an agent. This could also be a double edged sword. Some potential clients may have had a prior bad experience with an agent from a national brand and, although every agent is not the same, some potential clients with prior bad experiences may hold this against you if you are part of the same brand.

As the use of the internet grows in real estate (with no signs of slowing), it would be my personal recommendation to seek and interview brokerages who seem to understand that a great internet presence is a must when moving forward in today's world. Questions to ask on this front would be - how are your organic internet rankings? How many people visit your website per day or month? Do you update your blog often? Do you allow your agents to write for your blog to grow their own personal brands? Keep these questions in mind when you interview brokerage firms.

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Snowbird Season is Upon Us!

It’s that time of year again when our beloved “Snow Birds” fly south for the winter and bestow their presence upon us for yet another season. As Floridian’s we are very appreciative that they have decided to come back to grace us with their presence.


Real estate sales are increasing, restaurants and retailers that experienced the financial summer drought are singing “happy days are here again” and our northern relatives are feverishly planning their holiday vacations to avoid the cold so they can bask in the sun on our lanais by the pool.


A little humor is a good thing, so I thought we would break tradition by not blogging about a real estate topic and add a little levity to your day.






1. Getting Stuck Behind The Snowbirds Is The Worst


People who move to Florida for the winter and adapt to the local culture are one thing. But Northerners who come to Florida to keep from freezing to death but bring their Northerner lifestyles and attitudes with them are the worst. Florida is a melting pot. Learn how to blend.


2. Never mind, Getting Stuck Behind Tourists Is Actually The Worst


It’s not that Florida doesn’t enjoy all the money they make off their tourism industry, but if you’re within 50 miles of a beach, don’t plan on getting anywhere fast. And if you’re within 50 miles of Disney, invest in tranquilizers!


3. Grocery Stores That Dare To Have A Name Other Than Publix


Because there is no greater culinary concoction on Earth than that of a Publix Sub!


4. Floridians Have Never Met A Hurricane They Can’t Party To


You know that song that goes, “here I am, rock you like a hurricane?” That was written by Florida. OK, it was actually written by The Scorpions. But it could have been written by Florida and that’s all that matters. Hurricane parties are a dime a dozen in the Sunshine State.


5. The Severe Hypothermic Conditions Of 70 Degree Weather


Believe it or not, it does get cold in Florida. Sometimes it gets so cold, Floridians even have to put on a jacket. It’s unbearable, really.


About Ed Klopfer Schools of Real Estate:


Ed Klopfer Schools of Real Estate is the largest and oldest provider of real estate education on the Suncoast of Florida. With (9) locations from Tampa to Naples and east to Lakeland/Mulberry FL. We offer a complete line of classroom and on-line courses ranging from Sales Associate Pre-Licensing, Sales Post Licensing, Sales Prep, Broker Pre-Licensing Broker Post Licensing, Broker Prep, Home Inspection & CAM licensing.


Additionally, we are the ONLY SCHOOL that provides complimentary MP3 audio downloads to help you pass both the course and state exams. We also offer Student Special Packages and Pricing that is unequalled by any other real estate school on the Suncoast of Florida.

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What Is an Open House? A Chance for Sellers to Showcase Their Home.

The following article is a reprint that was recently displayed on the Realtor.com website.


Open houses can be a great way to expedite the sale of a home. The real key is knowing how to prepare for your open house.

blog edMany Brokers and Sales Associates hold open houses to sell a house quickly and efficiently.

If you’re selling your home, you may be pondering hosting an open house. So what exactly is an open house?

The classic definition is it’s a time when sellers open their home so that numerous potential buyers can swing by and check it out—no appointment necessary. Here’s why a home seller should consider throwing an open house, and how to prep it to make the most of this prime opportunity to show off the home.

Benefits of an open house

As any home seller knows, it’s hard to keep your place looking picture-perfect all the time for the parade of buyers who might swing by to check it out. Having an open house can help contain some of that chaos.

“An open house can be an efficient means of concentrating a large number of showings into a limited time frame,” says Tom Postilio, a luxury real estate broker who sells properties for Douglas Elliman in New York. “Because preparing a property for multiple showings can be an exhausting task, this minimizes the disruption to the sellers’ lives by getting a lot of people through the door at one time.”
What’s more, a properly orchestrated open house can positively affect the psychology of buyers.

“It’s no secret that many buyers wouldn’t trust the word of an agent who claims to have a lot of interest in a property, but it’s hard to deny strong interest when people are bumping into each other at the door,” says Postilio. “The hustle and bustle of a jam-packed open house can motivate buyers who might otherwise be on the fence to submit an offer. Most of our bidding wars have resulted from these types of open houses.”

How to prep for an open house

“Prep as if the home is going to be photographed for a design magazine,” suggest Postilio. “Neatly made beds, fresh flowers, and clean surfaces will go a long way in fulfilling a buyer’s fantasy version of home.” Another strategy is to lay out snacks or appetizers; some agents go so far as to host an extravagant open house party.

Also, declutter like crazy.

“It is important to make the house as accessible as possible, removing unnecessary furniture and retaining a small amount of personal items such as family photographs,” says Scott Klein, a top broker with Douglas Elliman. “The house should speak to potential buyers by presenting itself as a place others could easily call home.”

In other words, you want people to be able to envision themselves living there, which is more easily done without your family photos or kids’ drawings plastered all over the place. And if you have pets, put their dishes and other accessories away. Just because you’re a cat lover doesn’t mean your potential buyer is, too.

Important: Don’t assume that everyone who shows up at an open house is there with good intentions. Postilio advises sellers to hide valuables in a secure location. If your home is large or has multiple floors, consider having multiple agents on-site to monitor traffic.

When is the best time for an open house and how long should it last?

The best times for an open house are generally during off-peak hours.

“We always prefer to host our first open house the first Sunday after the property has been listed, usually for one hour in the early afternoon,” says Postilio. “It’s the day most busy people have a little bit of downtime to focus on their property search.”

Klein agrees and typically schedules his open houses on the weekends or in the evenings after work. “I also try to limit access to 90 minutes, which gives time for the buyers to attend, but also creates a larger crowd in the property and creates more interest and offers,” says Klein.

What is a broker’s open house?

If you don’t want every home buyer in the neighborhood traipsing through your open house, then consider letting your listing agent have one just for buyer’s agents and brokers.

“Broker open houses are promoted exclusively to the brokerage community, and can be effective in educating buyers’ agents on your listing. Many agents sell what they know, so it’s helpful for them to keep your property in mind when they’re working with clients,” says Postilio.

Remember: Most transactions involve two brokers—one representing the seller, the other representing the buyer—so this type of private open house is a great opportunity for the seller’s agent to communicate all the reasons the buyer’s agent should promote your property to her clients. It takes two to tango!

About Ed Klopfer Schools of Real Estate:

Ed Klopfer Schools of Real Estate is the largest and oldest provider of real estate education on the Suncoast of Florida. With (9) locations from Tampa to Naples and east to Lakeland/Mulberry FL. We offer a complete line of classroom and on-line courses ranging from Sales Associate Pre-Licensing, Sales Post Licensing, Sales Prep, Broker Pre-Licensing Broker Post Licensing, Broker Prep, Home Inspection & CAM licensing.

Additionally, we are the ONLY SCHOOL that provides complimentary MP3 audio downloads to help you pass both the course and state exams. We also offer Student Special Packages and Pricing that is unequalled by any other real estate school on the Suncoast of Florida.

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