Appraisal Continuing Education


appraisal-schedule-iconAppraisers must complete 30 hours of continuing education every two (2) years. The deadline is November 30 of each even year (2016, 2018...). Multiple course titles are utilized to satisfy the 30 hour requirement. You may enroll in all courses to equal the 30 hours or do only one course.


We will be offering a special discounted price ($399) if you enroll for 30 hours. Full package payment is required at time of registration in order to receive discount.


30 Hour Package Special = $399 (individual price is $631, if purchased separately)




Choose a location: Sarasota

Appraisal Continuing Education Course Class Time & Date Price

Sarasota Classes - Classroom location

** Does not include 2016-2017 USPAP book. You are required to have a copy during class and may bring your own copy or purchase one from us ($100). If you need to purchase a copy, please advise us at the time of registration.