14 Hour Online Continuing Education Course for Real Estate Sales Associates and Brokers


Our mission is to provide you, our valued students, with the finest real estate education possible. We thank you for allowing us to provide you with this continuing education program.


The real estate profession has experienced vast changes in recent years. This trend is expected to continue into the foreseeable future. It is imperative licensed professionals keep abreast of these changes as they occur.  The goal of this course is to make you aware of the more important and pressing issues facing real estate practitioners today while fulfilling your 14 hour renewal requirement.


Tutition for the 14 hour online continuing education course is $20.  No additional textbook is required.  





(This is where you can access the "Text Book"). On completion of the chapters, you will be able to register for and take the exam.


Please take the time to read the following important information regarding the online 14 hour continuing education course. It will be very beneficial to you.


The course material is found under the "Take The Course" link. Read the chapters prior to purchasing the course exam.


  • When you purchase the course ($20.00), access to the final exam is allowed. The exam must be completed in one session.
  • When taking the exam, always go forward. If you try to go back to review an answer, it may affect completing and passing the exam.
  • If you fail the final exam, do NOT repurchase the course.  A  free re-exam lnk will be sent to you via email immediately after you take the course.


Students should complete the course at least one week in advance of their license renewal date. Ed Klopfer Schools of Real Estate is required to report education completion prior to the renewal date (March 31 or September 30 of each year). Students who wait until the last week of the renewal deadline may encounter various problems (technical and other) which could prevent license renewal. Anyone purchasing a course or attempting the final examination during the last week of a renewal cycle does so at his or her own risk. Ed Klopfer Schools of Real Estate will not be responsible for students who lose their license as a result of waiting until the last week of the renewal cycle. Extensions are NOT granted by the DBPR due to technical problems with a course.