14 Hour Online Continuing Education Course for Real Estate Sales Associates and Brokers

(This course is to be done two years after the 1st renewal requirement has been met.)


Our course meets the new state requirements. The breakdown is as follows: 3 hours core law, 3 hours ethics and 8 hours of specialty for a total of 14 hours. The cost of our program is $20. No additional textbook is required. Upon purchase, you will be able to read the material online. You are allowed six (6) months to complete the education.


A 30-question multiple-choice exam must be passed with a grade of 80% or higher (you can miss 6). Make sure you always move forward and answer all questions. If you happen to fail the exam, you are given access to a free re-exam. There is a total of five (5) exams available.

When you pass the exam, a certificate of completion is emailed to you. Print the certificate and keep it in a safe place. The school will electronically notify the state of your education.
You will need to log into your state account (myfloridalicense.com) and pay renewal fees prior to your deadline. The state payment is matched with the school education and the license is renewed. You can print your new license at that time.

Please note, the state requirement for completing education AND paying renewal fees is 11:59 p.m. EST on the renewal deadline. If not sure what it is, refer to your license.




Students should complete the course at least one week in advance of their license renewal date. Ed Klopfer Schools of Real Estate is required to report education completion prior to the renewal date (March 31 or September 30 of each year). Students who wait until the last week of the deadline may encounter various problems (technical and other) which could prevent license renewal. Anyone purchasing a course or attempting to the final examination during this time does so at his or her own risk. Ed Klopfer Schools of Real Estate will not be responsible for students who incur penalties and/or lose their license as a result of waiting until the last week of the renewal cycle. Extensions are NOT granted by the DBPR due to problems with a course.