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Florida Property Management Course Information


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PPMC: Professional Property Management Certification Courses:


 This course designation was designed to give the student skills and systems that they could use right away. The course material is developed from real life scenarios that go on day to day at our subject properties.

What makes this designation different from others?

What makes The Landlord Academy's designations different is our course curriculum, it's created from real life experiences that take place on an actual subject property. This enables the Academy to provide the most complete and up to date training. What makes this course truly unique is its operational manuals. The Landlord Academy replaced text books with operations manuals, giving the student not only education but the tools and systems to create a profitable Turn Key Business

You will learn


  • You will learn how to conduct comprehensive market studies
  • You will learn how to conduct proper investment analysis
  • You will learn how to reduce high vacancies by selecting the proper tenants.
  • You will learn how to handle day to day issues while managing rental property.
  • You will learn how to deal with move in process & move out process as well as everything in between.
  • You will understand how to use all landlord tenant forms including basic understanding of the lease contract.
  • You will learn the most common ways to create a property management company as well as obtain a basic understanding of the management agreement.
  • You will learn how to work with owners.
  • You will learn how to use the latest in property management software, as well as other useful tools of the trade.
  • How to successfully master the five phases of property management, including:
    • Acquisition
    • Implementation
    • Stabilization
    • Growth
    • Exit Strategy

For more information please call 800-535-2476 (The Landlord Academy).


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