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School Policies


School PoliciesPlease read our registration policies very carefully. When registering for any course with Ed Klopfer Schools of Real Estate, you are agreeing to abide by the policies.


Please contact us with questions or concerns.


››› The following are NOT allowed in our classrooms:


  • recording devices
  • laptop computers
  • beepers
  • cellular phones that are turned on during class time.

››› Attendance is mandatory.There are no provisions for absences for successful completion.

››› Instructors have complete authority and discretion in the dismissal of any student from the course for any reason or for conduct deemed by the instructor to be adverse to the best interest of the class.

››› Refunds will not be considered for students who have attended any portion of the course.

››› All written and signed refund requests must be received within one year of original payment date and are subject to a $50.00 non-refundable administrative fee.

››› Materials, once issued, cannot be returned for a refund. A material fee will be withheld in addition to the admin fee.

››› Students postponing their enrollment in a course may apply pre-paid tuition (for one year) to any course at the tuition rates in effect when the future course begins.

››› Students wishing to retake a course following successful completion may do so for a nominal fee. Advance registration/payment is required.

››› Ed Klopfer Schools of Real Estate reserves the right to change course dates, materials, and/or instructors without notice.

››› Returned checks for any reason are subject to additional processing fees.

››› School is not responsible for lost or stolen items.


Registration indicates understanding and acceptance of policies.