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Our Students Are Saying...

These are just a few of the thousands of testimonials we have received over the years. Please check out what our students are saying about us.

Cannot say thank you enough! I passed the class exam and state exam because of your instruction. Thanks a million!
- Brock
I felt compelled to write and express my sincere thanks to you in getting me through the state exam. The knowledge, pace and information divulged was invaluable in me passing my state exam.
Every piece of information given was useful in my state exam. Some it made little sense in the class but when I sat down for that exam, it was invaluable. The other thing is the anecdotes and questions people asked. It really helped me learn. I enjoy the stories and that, again, I think really helps students learn and retain information.
I have an older daughter and she of course was teasing me about testing. We discussed your style at length and she and I both agree that a WILLING student with a great teacher is a great match for any exam.
The pace was the other really outstanding part of your teaching. I never once felt that we were going to get to the end of the book. You, of course, had a plan and we were given the important information and the excess was given less importance, again a reason I passed the state exam.
I was a little "tongue in cheek" regarding the cram class. Being a "know it all", I thought I didn't need it. I really felt that the cram was unnecessary and a duplicate of information. How wrong I was. I now know that if I had not taken the cram I would have failed the state exam. Hindsight is of course "twenty twenty", however, one should not make the mistake of foregoing the cram. I now realize the sixty three hours is an introduction to real estate; the cram is an introduction to the state exam requirements...a huge distiction.
I sincerely thank you for your teaching and wish you continued success for the future.
- David W
Just wanted to share with you how beneficial last weekends state exam prep class (with Fred Overmyer) was to me. His presentation and the content of the course made my commute from Sebring to Sarasota both days well worth it. I took the state exam Tuesday morning after the weekend class and I have to say..."I SMOKED IT". Much of the content covered in the class was represented on the state exam. I appreciate all the help getting through the online preliminary course, and of course the weekend prep class. Thanks, again, and I'll see you again for the post course and probably the continuing education. Thanks again.
- Dave
Just a quick note to let you know that I passed the Broker’s exam and to thank you for the excellent preparation I received both in your Broker Pre-Licensing and Exam Prep classes. Your teaching style is directly responsible for my success…I felt as though I had seen each topic and almost every question during our classroom sessions! Again, thank you for your effort!
- David L
I was recently in your CAM class in Sarasota and I wanted to let you know that I took the test on 10/21 and passed it. Thanks for your insights – some of the things you “harped” on were on the test and I heard you answering the questions for me!
Thanks Again,
- Rebecca H
I just completed and passed your March 1st-9th Sales Associate Pre-License course. Thank you for making such dry material enjoyable with your stories and sense of humor. Going back to school after 30 years wasn’t easy, but you made it fun and I learned so much. I will be telling people how great the Ed Klopfer School is and I hope when I get back there for the Brokers course that I get you for my instructor!
Thanks Again,
- Bridget G
I passed! I passed! I passed! Thank you so much for being such a dynamic instructor. Your stories and emphasis on the core concepts really helped me in the exam. Please continue to emphasize writing down the memory devices and math equations. It really calmed me down at the beginning of the test and I really did not have to refer to the paper until the math section. Thank you very much! The test was hard, but all of your tips made it easier to take a breath and get through.
Thank You,
- Jolene W
Thank you for a great class. I love your passion for your job and excitement that you showed each and every class.
Thanks Again,
- Doug
Your staff very well represents the Ed Klopfer organization, with their kind of dedicated service to the students. I personally want to express my thanks to all of you for answering every question I threw at you. There might be a possibility of seeing you again. I am pondering the idea of getting my brokers license.
Thanks Again,
- Harold
I know your staff must have a million duties (as evidenced by your hectic work environment) I just wanted to thank everyone for taking time out of your busy day to help me. You truly made my experience more enjoyable. I hope you never think small things go unnoticed, or unappreciated!
Thanks again!
- Elaine W
What fantastic words “you passed”! Thanks to your very interesting and informative style of teaching at Ed Klopfer I passed it on my FIRST TRY!! If everyone would just pay attention to all of the clues, the examples you give and your directions to review the Prep Course Book and online questions….they would find an easier way to pass the test. I have a master’s degree and never took a tougher test. But, thanks to your coaching, I could hear your voice throughout each question. You really were there during my exam!! I’ll keep in touch. Thanks for launching my career with such informative insight into this exciting profession. You are an outstanding educator and the Ed Klopfer course is invaluable.
- Pat M
Thanks so much for your dedication to teaching and the creative techniques that make a student remember what is said. I took the Broker exam this morning in Ft. Myers. Some of the questions were difficult. Your suggestion to write down the formulas really helped, not only with math questions but general questions asking about the formulas. Many people told me that it would be difficult to pass the Broker exam since I was not licensed in FL as a salesperson. They must not have had you as an instructor. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge, expertise and weekends. It is greatly appreciated.
- Michele D
PS. I did pass the first time!!!
I just wanted to say thank you! Both of you taught me a lot. I had no idea what I was getting into. You made it enjoyable to learn something new. It was a great feeling when I passed my test. Now I can start my new career.
Thank you,
- Doug
I took my test for the first time last Friday and passed it!! All the way through it I kept hearing your voice. You did an awesome job. Thanks for helping me understand FREC and the DBPR. I followed your instructions to the letter. You are great and thanks to you I’m on my way to making my first Million.
Best to You,
- Kim V
I wanted to take this opportunity to extend my sincere thanks for your enlightening/so enjoyable “Introduction to Real Estate Course” at Ed Klopfer Schools. I have been an inner city schoolteacher for many years (in Ohio) and the “lock & load” preparations needed to endure each day are finally wearing me down. They say real estate is a tough job; well, I think I might have some of the toughness mastered. The other part will come. I hope to take more courses with you and look forward to future communication.
- Elizabeth W
Well, now I’m 2 for 2! You know I lost my first license. I stayed involuntary inactive too long. I took the pre-license course in March 2003. I didn’t sit for the State exam until yesterday. I was just about out of time. Frankly, I doubted if I could be mentally reconditioned in time after waiting so long. I came back and took the last two prep courses on Feb. 2005. I had about 10 days to study for the exam. Well on March 1st I sat for the State exam in St. Petersburg. I’m now 2 for 2 as I passed the state exam for the second time. I attribute my success to your mastery of the subject, your skill and ability as an instructor, and your method of presenting the study material!
Thank you much!
- Alan A
I would like to thank everyone at the Ed Klopfer School….the materials and online tests are a tremendous help. I would especially like to thank my instructor. With his encouragement and clear, concise instruction, I was able to pass my state sales exam on my first attempt! I will definitely recommend your school to anyone interested in real estate licensing.
Best Regards,
- Doug S
Thank you for all you did to make the course enjoyable and informative. I would recommend your school highly and the prep course was a must! I took the exam in Ft. Myers yesterday for the first time and “passed” Actually I couldn’t believe how easy it was; it appeared to be all- logical. Thank you again. I’m sure we’ll meet again with post licensing courses.
- Nancy P
I want to thank all of you at the office for a terrific experience! I didn’t make it to the prep class this weekend, as I was able to slide into Promissor last Thursday to sit for my exam and I passed! Mine was a bit of a whirlwind experience! I first decided to get my license on Aug 10th and came right down to your office that day and signed up for the class. I secured a job at a commercial firm on Aug 15th and started my class work on Aug 1st and completed it on the 24th I took the prep course over the weekend of Aug 27 & 28 and started my new job on Aug 29. I waited for my paperwork from the state and finally got my Promissor letter on Sept 18 and sat for my exam on the 29th in Carrolwood. Oh, and I moved to a new home over the Labor Day Weekend! Thank you, thank you to all of you, especially my instructor for the pre and the prep class and to whomever it is that speaks on the CD’s I purchased! I will see you all soon for my post licensing stuff!
- Kimberly C

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